tells you exactly what information to submit when registering your boat. Registrations expire March 31 of the second year. The price of items purchased through this service includes funds to develop, maintain and enhance the state’s official web portal, The numbers should be easily read left to right. These should be the only numbers on the forward half of the boat. Both boat title and registration procedures are overseen by the WV Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) , which accepts applications accompanied by the necessary processing $15 fee. Requirements for vessel registration vary from state to state. The only exceptions are: Public vessels of the United States, West Virginia, or … Boat registrations … A boat registration is similar to a car registration. Please provide the following information to determine if you are eligible to renew your registration online. West Virginia Fishing and Boating. The West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles has enabled this service to allow you to renew your vehicle registration online. Whether you decide to launch your bass boat or prefer to take an overnight walleye fishing trip, you will have many options once you get a fishing license and learn the boating laws. We have been creating custom Decals online since 1998,... "the beginning of the internet craze." In many states, it is a parks division or a fish-and-game department that oversees boat registrations. West Virginia fishing trips can be planned year-round on one of the many trout streams or public lakes. The boat registration numbers must be in three inch, block style lettering. We absolutely love to make custom graphics, lettering, and designs. Registering your boat allows you to boat in all other states and Canada. West Virginia boat registration numbers should be affixed to both sides of the forward half of the vessel. In West Virginia, you must have a West Virginia Certificate of Number and validation decals to operate your vessel legally on public waters. West Virginia Vehicle Registration System This online service is provided by a third party working in partnership with the state of West Virginia. Information on West Virginia's Boat Registration Decals. Create boat registration numbers for West Virginia right here! Boat Registration Numbers for West Virginia. West Virginia Boat Registration. We have the tools to create your own registration letters and order online. To operate any vessel with a motor (whether or not the motor is the primary source of propulsion) on West Virginia waters it must be titled, registered and display valid registration decals. The service lets you pay your vehicle renewal fees quickly and conveniently using a credit card. It is valid for and renewed every two (2) years. Course topics include: Boating Terminology, Boat Types, Capacities, Registration Requirements, Safety Equipment Required such as life jackets, Navigation Rules, and Preserving a Safe Marine Environment. We provide your state's downloadable application forms, when available, to spare you the inconvenience of having to drive around town trying to find them. However there are large lakes within short driving distance from WV. For Information about free classes in your area, visit the Boating Education Class search page. West Virginia boat registration summary is a free resource designed to inform the boating public about registration requirements, recording methods, and title search guidelines for the State of West Virginia. West Virginia Boating Safety Education Requirements. A registration card is issued and must be carried on the boat as proof of registration. Boat registration is required for all water vessels propelled by an electrical, steam, gas, diesel or other fuel propelled or driven motor operating in West Virginia. West Virginia is a smaller state in the mountains and doesn't have any large lakes. All boaters born after December 31, 1986 are required to carry the West Virginia Boating License on board to satisfy state boating regulations while operating on West Virginia's waters.