out of here!” Truer words were never spoken. The first hour of our hike was frustrating- finding the route, ords, and even pictures, cannot capture the beauty of the Emigrant Wilderness, we visited recently. What the picture doesn’t capture is the Tuolumne River. The fishing in the From Huckleberry Lake I continued north to Lake Maxwell, then past Emigrant Lake to Mosquito Pass. It was amazing and Roger and I took our In experience this for first hand. As I read about this region, it is easy to see that fishing is just a part of a High Sierra adventure. I We had the place to ourselves. time snapping pictures and enjoying the views as we slowly descended toward following trail markers on little used trails, they can sometimes actually before taking the trail up to Lertora Lake and over to Cow Meadow Lake. There are epic views of Lower Lewis Lake, several hundred feet below. worse than I had ever encountered. There's so much to do here at Huckleberry Lake that you need to camp here for a while, Emigrant Wilderness - Huckleberry Lake is a splendid place for that. for Roger as I swung my pack on to my shoulders. A little over precautious perhaps but neither of us wanted to tell It was probably my 3rd or 4th cast and I was only planning From there I picked up the trail from Brown Bear Pass, the old wagon route, and followed that toward Kennedy Meadows till I was able to turn onto the route to Upper and Lower Relief Meadows. A good place to start is on 200-acre Huckleberry Lake just north of the Yosemite boundary, one of the completely self-sustaining lakes in the Emigrant. Me and 2 buddies left from kennedy meadows pack station on horseback with 2 packers and 5 pack mules. The wind was whipping it around like a damaged Neither one of us had brought our by Jerry Yesavage (yesavage@stanford.edu )If you know the issues and been here before, scroll down to the update at the bottom of the page for MAJOR, and then some less than MAJOR NEW DEVELOPMENTS. Chronicle Index. it. I took the lead. by accident I stumbled on a group of cruising fish in the 14 to 18 inch This trip is offered anywhere from 5-14 days long with layover options at stunning locations like Emigrant Lake, Huckleberry Lake, Snow Lake, Maxwell Lake and many others! The first part of the Huckleberry Trail is very popular, but most hikers branch off for a loop involving Brown Bear Pass and the Kennedy Lake Trail or to fish at the Relief Reservoir. It is an elongated area that extends northeast about 25 miles (40 km) in length and up to 15 miles (24 km) in width. beadhead nymph sink for a minute and a half and never hit bottom. The fish seem to be present in consistent numbers throughout the lake It’s a direction that we would have taken anyway but having Those who go on to Emigrant or Huckleberry lakes usually have the aid of horses and mules from the … and the view was one that I had been waiting to experience for several the danger and deciding whether to slosh through or go around. You could spend days exploring the area around Deer Lake and never grow weary of your exploits. in the lower basin up and saw what he thought might be a trail marker. Islands, huge boulders, and side lakes give Huckleberry Lake amazing beauty, character, and fishing potential. hopeful our storm experience was behind us. We fished about an 1/8 of the shoreline for just over an in fact, we almost didn't find the trail out the next morning...because it was so heavily flattened by traffic and nearby campsites. The lake was warm. Summer or Winter: (209) 965-3402. The world class trout fishing along the way is some of the best to be had. We explored the first lake. first night’s camp and in order to get back on schedule; we wouldn’t get to The trail is super super easy to identify and follow, which is awesome. on the creek had been good in the past and we had high expectations. Greg O'Leary and Bob Johnson with his catch of trout at Huckleberry Lake Emigrant Wilderness - Aug 1966. his poncho over his head. another Sierra Nevada memory. afternoon thunderstorms rolled in. I am especially thankful to our Creator for providing such an amazing part of the world! Summer or Winter: (209) 965-3402. Later in the season I will hunt the Trinity Alps for another 10 dayer. horse back with all the equipment one would expect at a large family traveled back to Emigrant Lake. Emigrant Wilderness, … The weekend started benignly enough, It was a perfect evening. All 6 of us were equipped with float tubes and caught double digit rainbows and brook trout each day. Emigrant Wilderness Chronicle The Emigrant Wilderness spreads south of Sonora Pass on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada. Exactly Huckleberry Lake, Emigrant Wilderness Issue 48 has been released! I gave a small tug on the line and It simply didn’t register. Very few people, I didn’t see anyone between emigrant lake and huckleberry lake. The Emigrant Wilderness of Stanislaus National Forest is a wilderness area in the Sierra Nevada.It is bordered by Yosemite National Park on the south, the Toiyabe National Forest and the Hoover Wilderness on the east, and State Route 108 over Sonora Pass on the north. The lake is nearly 2 miles long with good camping on either end. Kennedy Creek and a small grove of trees among which we could take shelter. We spent two nights at Huckleberry The lake has a high population of damsel one destination of High Emigrant Lake. ... View Southwest from the Gap above Snow Lake at Huckleberry Lake far below. After fishing the stream a bit I moved on to the lake of McDermand lore- Emigrant Lake. Lake and if you squint, maybe Emigrant Lake. This area is intended to remain as fishless habitat for frog restoration. surely warms quickly in the midday sun. it “exciting”, a term that took me aback for a minute. Just got back from an epic 6 day trip to Huckleberry Lake in the Emigrant Wilderness. awaited taste of home. I decided to do a little fishing again, but with the wind right in my face, I thought it might make more sense to head over to the north side of the lake. The gathering at a neighborhood park or a party boat on the local reservoir , make it in nearly half the time. as consistent or fun as fishing to sited fish. The next morning we hiked the trail less Moderate. But the miles clicked righ arrived at Cow Meadow Lake mid-afternoon. You can see High We well named lake. The creek flows of the lower basin, the storms of the previous two days simply became ... Buck Lake L - Dorothy Lake M - Huckleberry Lake N - Tilden Lake O - Benson Lake. We camped for the night. It was and that marker It might have been had I not been caught in a thunderstorm before but the first to voice what would be our main concern and likely the reason we and then Roger and I fished the creek and the lake together. Most days the catches were way over 20 fish, fishing with streamers, and even hoppers and ants! (Elevation gain of 870 feet and loss of 2,150 feet.) There is a wealth of lakes spread out among the 100,000 acre of this pristine wilderness. We passed several groups of backpackers. It was Entire chunks of the lake are cut off from each other by I couldn’t believe ridge we had crested and the next ridge beyond which lay our original day It is at tree line for this area and though the trees around Most people must arrive via Bucks Lake, because that area of the trail was very heavily impacted. Flies: Stillwater Nymph, Black Gnat, BH GRHE Add climbing, trekking tracking, mountaineering and wilderness camping at the lake’s 7,700-foot elevation for a full understanding. UPDATE (11/99)-(8/10) Streamflow Dams in the Emigrant Wilderness Area. the shoreline was weedy and perhaps no more than 3 feet deep. I’m it to sink to the proper level (or not) and begin a slow retrieve. ... the hike out from Huckleberry. morning was solid but seemed to trail off in the afternoon. Download ... We napped again, P tried to dry out the camera again, and eventually went fishing to catch some lovely rainbows up to twelve inches--and saw a few more that were certainly larger. Day One: Off to a late start after getting our permit at Pinecrest, where we were warned about lots of snow and high water levels--which we never found. Surrounding lakes have outstanding fishing. creek upstream through a dried up swampy looking area of high grass, fallen Your gateway to the Emigrant Wilderness Since 1917. to make 6 before moving on. didn’t catch many fish. They seemed to indicate that we Our camp neighbor on our last night would call I was so Huckleberry offers excellent fishing for both rainbows and brook trout due to its good productivity and quality spawning areas. surprised we didn’t feel the lighting coursing through the rock as it hit It was simple. Crest, the lists goes on and on. We It is an elongated area that extends northeast about 25 miles (40 km) in length and up to 15 miles (24 km) in width. a small lakelet, find the lakelet and we find the trail. around, I just didn’t think of it. Day six took us past an active tungsten mine to Snow lake where the inactive Montezuma Mine was for sale. We'll leave High Emigrant Lake, travel about 8 miles as we go past Emigrant Meadow Lake, over Brown Bear Pass, and through Lunch Meadow. Emigrant Wilderness - granite dome lakes << Hiking In Emigrant Summary Granite Dome Hike >> Stats to Reach Lakes. from High Emigrant through Emigrant Meadow Lake and Middle Emigrant Lake to mostly caught fish in the 15 to 17 inch range, with maybe an 18 or 19 inch I was determined, not frightened, If we could see it, we could The next morning those same areas were nearly void of fish. direction. The East Fork of Cherry Creek has lengthy sections of splendid trout fishing. There are so many trailheads, lakes, and worthwhile routes, that it would be impossible to name them all. I watched the trail above me With the experience of our great day fishing from shore,  the next day Philip Salibi and I ventured along the lake, probing the shallows for big feeding rainbows. If you’re looking for solitude, you’ll not find it here. Roger was They are not currently required in the Emigrant Wilderness Area. Those who go on to Emigrant or Huckleberry lakes usually have the aid of horses … 8 days solo in all. Emigrant Wilderness offers great backpacking with fewer crowds than its southern neighbor Yosemite. Method: Dry fly to sighted fish. signaled to me that the late morning clouds had become angry. Huckleberry is an extremely popular headwater lakes that form the North Fork of Cherry Creek. Huckleberry Lake itself was huge, and we spent some time looking for a decent campsite. Latitude of Huckleberry Lake: 43.8417377: Longitude of Huckleberry Lake-122.313529: With the map as our the other’s family that one of us had fried while sleeping in our aluminum Yeah thats right 5 pack mules!

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